About Monsoon Publishing

Monsoon Publishing is part of James Cook University College of Music, Visual Arts and Theatre in Townsville. It was set up by Ron McBurnie in 2004.

Its aim is to establish a centre for excellence in printmaking publishing in North Queensland and foster a greater understanding of visual art through printmaking in the broader community.

Monsoon Publishing provides opportunities for both established and emerging artists to collaborate on high quality print and artists book projects. The press also facilitates professional practices for JCU printmaking students by involving them in the hands on production of edition.

Since 2004, four Australian Artists (Ann Thomson, June Tupicoff, Claudine Marzik and Euan Macleod) have come to Townsville to work on original prints and artists books in the Monsoon studio. The work is both varied in its conceptual approach and resulting visual impact. During this time both the artists and the Monsoon Publishing team (which consists primarily of Ron McBurnie and Sheree Kinlyside) have come to understand a great deal more about what can be achieved through a collaborative approach to making prints and artists’ books.

Some of the artists have visited on several occasions and made numerous editions of prints. Each time they come to work, the process of working together as a team is a little easier because more is known about their expectations and also about the way they wish to work on projects.

As well as working with individual artists, Monsoon Publishing has recently been involved with two commissioned projects:

  • Publishing the 2005 Presidential Print (an etching by Euan Macleod) commissioned by the Print Council of Australia.
  • The design and co-ordination of Paper Memory, an artists’ book commissioned by the Sydney Art on Paper Fair to celebrate its tenth fair. The artists’ book which included original prints and handset verse by eleven prominent Australian artists and writers was designed and co-ordinated by Ron McBurnie. It was published in an edition of 300 copies signed by each contributon.

Monsoon Personnel

Ron McBurnie - Director,

Ron McBurnie holds a Masters of Creative Arts from James Cook University (JCU), Townsville and a Graduate Diploma of Art from the Queensland College of Art, Brisbane.  He has exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions over the past 27 years and has lectured and participated in artist in residence programmes in universities and cultural institutions in Australia and overseas including the Cité Internationale des arts in Paris and Carleton College Minnesota. Regular international travel has been a significant influence on his work. 

Ron McBurnie has made a major contribution to the development of contemporary printmaking in Australia as Co-Director of Lyre Bird Press, JCU Townsville (1993-2003), and as lecturer in Printmaking and Book Arts at JCU Townsville. He has won many major printmaking awards including the prestigious Fremantle Print prize. His work is represented in major State Galleries and the National Gallery of Australia Collection. He began “Monsoon Publishing” in 2004. He is involved in the co-ordination and running of the Press and the close collaboration with the artists as they are making their prints.


Sheree Kinlyside – Primary Printer & Assistant Co-ordinator

Sheree completed her BA (Visual Arts) at James Cook University in 2000.
That year she began working on various projects with LyreBird Press at the University. Since then Sheree has been printing with and for Ron McBurnie and now Monsoon Publishing. She now works as assistant coordinator and primary printer. Recently Monsoon Publishing has completed a healthy body of work for such artists as Claudine Marzik, June Tupicoff, Euan Macleod and Ann Thomson. Sheree is also involved with visitors and volunteers who come to the premises to learn more about Monsoon Publishing activities. 


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